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Owner Operator

 Taylor is one of the co-founders of Nine Yard technologies, which was established in 2016. He started his career in the technology industry working for Bestbuy Canada, but then ventured out on his own with his partner Chris Dupuis to start this ever-growing company. Talyor has worn many hats throughout the growth of Nine Yards. He has had to be an owner, installer, site project manager, and operations manager. He meets every challenge head-on and is eager to find solutions to any problem. Taylor has traveled all over Canada working with many clients in various fields of technology, from small sites needing basic camera upgrades, to start-to-finish projects requiring more complex solutions such as added access control and intrusion detection systems. 


1. RadioRa2 Level 1 Certified

2. ISF Level II Certification and Testing

3. Sivoia QS Triatholon Shades Training

4. South West Microwave Intrepid Micropoint II Certification

5. Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition Certified

6. Fall Protection / Scissor Lift 


Owner Operator

 Chris is the second of two co-founders of Nine Yards Technologies, which he helped establish after working with Bestbuy and Futureshop for over 5 years. Chris prides himself on being a Jack-of-all-trades with a drive for learning and growing in the technology field. He has worked in many different types of jobs, which have provided him with a varied skill set. Chris has been a maintenance worker for the Sheraton Cavalier, an Educational Assistant with the Saskatchewan Teacher Federation, and a Lead Installer for Bestbuy and Futureshop. As a Lead Installer, Chris helped develop and grow a brand new commercial division in Saskatchewan. Chris has traveled across Canada working with various companies to develop strong client bonds, and taking on roles like site supervisor and project manager in the fields of access control, low voltage wiring, intrusion detection, and system testing. Chris is a family man and has a wife and three children that support him in all his endeavors at Nine Yards. 


1. Bosch G Series/ B Series Professional Training

2. Fortinet Network Security Expert Certification

3. Optex Americas Redwall SIP Product and Installation

4. South West Microwave I Security Systems Micro Point II Security Fence Installation

5. Fall Protection / Scissor Lift Certified

6. Boom lift certified

7.URC Automation Certified

8. ISF Video Calibration Level 2 Certification and Testing

9.RadioRa 2 Level 1

10. Saskatchewan Pool Operators Certifacation



Professional Installer

 Robert has been with Nine Yards Technologies for just over a year and has been a great addition to the team. Robert came from a background of audio visual installation, having worked side-by-side with Taylor Moar at Bestbuy Canada, and then venturing over to Visions Electronics. Robert has also worked in the trucking industry where he has learned many skills such as dangerous goods transportation and forklift training. Over this past year, he has put in many hours on multiple sites running low voltage wire and installing intrusion and access control devices. Rob has recently started down the path of training to be a certified access control installer, as well as a home automation expert. Robert is a quick learner and a strong asset to the team. We look forward to what he will bring to Nine Yards Technologies moving forward.


1. Fall Protection Certification

2. Scissor Lift Certification

3. RadioRa 2 Level 1

4. Dangerous Goods Transportation

5. Forklift Operator Certification


Professional Installer

 Keith is the newest addition to the Nine Yards team, but being a quick learner, you would not think so. There is not a task he has been given where he hasn't been up for the challenge. Keith started his career path in the technology industry working with Visions Electronics in sales, warehouse, and install services. Since joining the family, Keith has brought a strong positive vibe to the team and always is able to make the best of a bad situation. He has recently started his training for certification in access control installation and intrusion detection. He has also put in many hours traveling with the company working on low voltage wiring, security device install, and intrusion panel wiring and labeling. We look forward to seeing what Keith will bring to the team in the future.


1. RadioRa 2 Level 1 Certification

2. Bosch G Series / B Series Professional Training

3. Fall Protection Certification

4. Scissor Lift Certification

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